Dan Whiting Resume

Work History

Owner of 123 Whiting Marketing Company, LLC
09/01/2016-On Going
123 Whiting Marketing Company, LLC

Sole Member Business Owner. My goal is to build my business up and when I achieve that I will start thinking about hiring to help with orders and more sales. But I also might hire online as alot of companies are looking for work and people on Fiver are there waiting from all over the world to help.


Life Degree in Sales
06/01/1985-On Going
United States
40+ Years in Marketing Design
01/01/1985-On Going
United States

Since the start of DOS, Yes I graduated High School when computers hit the retail space Microsoft and I fell in love with Technology.

Always Worked Elsewhere
06/01/1985-On Going
United States

Since College was not the right fit for me at those years I made the best of it by learning computers on my own and using the internet and alot of youtube watching. Today I am confident on my designs and alot of people have told me I should do this full time and Now here I am full time and Loving it.

Video Ad Advertising

Advertising with Moving Ads

Gif Advertising Creation

Moving Still Continues Ads on a website or Social Media Page

Website Design Service

Design and Build Membership, Landing Page, Sales Pages, Ecommerce and so much more

Online Ordering Service for Retail and Food Locations

LocalOnlineOrdering.Net or Com service

Daily Local Offer Service

Building Digital Coupon and Deal Codes

Merchant Service thru Card Champ

Card Champ Merchant Services